Martine Rose x LL, LLC SS24

Working together for the second straight season, Martine Rose and LL, LLC collaborate on a surreal and witty capsule of jewelry for SS24. This season evokes the unique ambiance of the community center, originally working class social hubs which later became makeshift nightclubs brought to life by multicultural and subcultural youths. Conveying these stories through the collection’s themes of workwear, biker culture, and the boudoir, the motif of the matchstick weaves its way through the collection in the form of earrings, bracelets, and rings— becoming a symbol of sex and risk— providing delicate touches of humor that connect these stories together into tales of unknown pleasures.

Matchsticks, handmade with burnt and unburnt red enamel tips, become forged in LL, LLC’s signature spiral motif, looping and coiling around fingers, wrists, and ears, each piece being unique. Pearls— which cement the collection’s appropriation of the bourgeois lady wardrobe— become part of LL, LLC’s signature Maydeto earrings, feature a sculptural spiral and a gold sphere, tipped with a pearl bead. 

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