The Martine Rose x LL, LLC AW23 collection is a series of jewelry that weaves stories about feminism, collectivity, and circulation.
Symbols of female empowerment are drawn from feminist ephemera archives and translated into oversize motifs and high-shine pendants. The textured Venus symbol is inspired by a feminist jewelry collective from the 1970s, who sought to create an economy outside of patriarchal systems. The two statement pins are from actual handmade buttons from the Lesbian Herstory Archives.
Coin jewelry is also a symbolic type of jewelry making with historical precedents dating back to ancient times. A Jamaican coin featuring Marcus Garvey figures prominently as per Martine's roots, and the rest of the coins are discontinued currency from around the world. Discontinued currency is like its own historical record, telling the story of a country's moment on the face of coin but also bearing the scratches and dents of daily use by its citizens.